Beauty shoot with professional make up artist

We shot a test shoot for make up artist Adelle Jung today with the assistance of Boss Model, Julia. The importance of using a professional make up artist cannot be underestimated. Not only does your subject look her best but the post shoot editing process is so much easier when you are not fixing poorly applied make up.


Victorian theme Creative Portraiture

As per my previous blog, here is one of the images taken at Lindfield House (Victorian house/museum). This heritage site is owned by the charming Katharine Love. She lives here among hundreds of antiques from the Victorian era and takes tours around the museum. This shot was taken with a wide angled lens as the place is rather cramped!

Creative portraits such as this require a lot of planning and teamwork but are definitely worth commissioning as you always get something unique.

Model: Marita Marianos. Make up and hair: Adelle Jung. Vintage dress: Katharine Love Vintage jewellery: Katharine Love


Scouting shoot location

Scouting out a location is invaluable before a shoot. Here are two images I took in a Victorian house here in Johannesburg that is now a museum. Excuse the quality - these was shot without flash at very high ISO.

This particular location is small, dark and crammed with antiques and books. I am going to be photographing a model in here and I can see already that lighting and space is going to be a major challenge.

The shoot is on 12 May so look out for posts on this one!


Lindfield House, Johannesburg - pre shoot planning visit

Lindfield House, Johannesburg - pre shoot planning visit

Lindfield House, Johannesburg - pre shoot planning visit

Lindfield House, Johannesburg - pre shoot planning visit

Dance photo shoot Johannesburg

I once read an article by a top professional wherein he described photographing dance as ' one art form portraying another'. I couldn't agree more! The challenge with photographing a dancer is that you are using a still medium ie a photograph, to show the grace and beauty of an art that is all about movement. 

This image is one of a series taken last Saturday in Johannesburg at Lightstation Studio.



Maternity shoot

For my first studio shoot of 2018 I did a maternity shoot for the beautiful Natania on Saturday. This is my favourite of the day as it brings out her mischievous personality as well as her beauty. Black and white always works well for maternity shoots. This was lit with one large soft box in studio and the 'wall' is a white poly board.

Maternity portrait

Maternity shoot. Black and white portrait.